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The MCM system is a fully automated post-trade compliance monitoring client / server application that provides fund and investment managers with an integrated solution that monitors the daily compliance of their investment mandates.

The system documentation here is designed to provide a comprehensive reference manual to operate the system effectively. The documentation discusses each MCM main menu item in detail including screen images and where appropriate relevant examples.

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The MCM system is an investment Mandate Compliance Monitoring system designed for professional fund managers. Leading Australian fund managers use MCM and it is suitable to boutique fund managers, institutional investment managers as well as manager-of-managers.

The MCM system was commissioned originally by MLC/Lend Lease Investment Management in 1999 to monitor all client mandates. Since then MCM successfully processes and monitors daily securities worth billions of dollars by providing fund managers with a cost-effective tool to do so.

MCM is a fully automated, post-trade compliance monitoring system providing an extensive range of modules for investment and fund management. The system monitors portfolios to ensure that client mandate specific portfolio guidelines and authorised investment limits are properly adhered to.

Compliance is monitored against domestic shares, domestic bonds, index-linked bonds, cash, property securities, derivatives and private equity. MCM interfaces with the IRESS Market Technology trading systems (IRESS) and features default import file settings from major custodians and futures brokers.

MCM allows to set-up entire investment mandates for up-to-date on-line access/reference. It also permits the simple allocation of guidelines and authorised investment limits to portfolios.

Portfolio data obtained from custodians and futures brokers can also include manager’s data. The day-to-day compliance monitoring process is fully automated and allows for numerous reports to be printed automatically on completion. In the event of new securities encountered or missing security information such as security codes, the system prompts for user intervention before continuing.

The MCM application and data are totally transportable across all Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/7 platforms. The system operates in client/server distributed networks, both local and wide area. The system provides extensive security-access rights to differentiate personnel or business units.

The MCM system is a Windows-based client/server application developed in Microsoft Access that consists of a client application connected to three back-end databases. To operate the MCM system a familiarity with the Windows operating environment is a prerequisite.

System Requirements

The following software and systems are required to run the MCM system.

PC & Windows OS

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7 & 10
  • At least 1 GHz Intel or AMD processor
  • At least 4GB of RAM
  • At least 250MB of Hard disk space
  • Access to the Internet

Application Integration Requirements

  • Microsoft Office 2016 or later
  • Internet Browser

Database Requirements

  • Microsoft Office 2016, 2019 and 2021 (Professional or Standard Editions)
  • Micrsoft 365 Access Runtime (FREE)

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