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Implementation & Training

Implementing the PCBx3 Manager ERP/CRM application can be as simple as verifying required general ledger accounts, entering opening balances and adding key system look-up values.

Like other ERP systems, PCBx3 Manager has many predefined business processes ready to use out of the box. There are several main business functions and many supporting business functions. Minimizing custom configurations and application customizations is the key to a cost-effective and on-budget implementation.

To guarantee a successful implementation that results in a swift up-take and utilisation of the application, training must be budgeted for and resources must be made available. Staff members need to participate early in the implementation and be scheduled to partake accordingly.

Nominating an internal champion who will be present at all training and workshop sessions is one of the most valuable assets for a business. The internal champion becomes the go-to person for all staff after go-live thereby reducing the need for external assistance. The internal champion will also be the go-to person when dealing with the external support team or manufacturer.

A budget of $5,000 is an indicative basic implementation amount that allows for a 1-day implementation and 4-days of staggered training and workshop sessions. This amount does not include any licencing / subscription costs.

The implementation cost increases if legacy data needs transferring into PCBx3 Manager. Data transfers can be simple such as importing a client list, or it can require more complex data manipulation, transformations, cleaning and calculations. Complex data transfers require an analysis of the legacy data, writing a script and then testing and verifying the result before uploading the data to PCBx3 Manager.

For all implementation and training enquiries, simply contact us.

Customization & Enhancements

PCBx3 Manager collects and store a tremendous amount of information or data elements that could be shared and utilised by other systems and applications. The options and possibilities are limitless. On-premises and cloud-based examples are:

  • regular PCBx3 Manager data exports to update Microsoft SharePoint lists that reside and can be accessed in the cloud
  • connect PCBx3 Manager to Microsoft Power BI and visualize and discover what's important and share that with anyone or everyone you want
  • design and build Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that connect to PCBx3 Manager to analyse or display real-time data in various formats
  • like the external PCBx3 TimeSave labour timesheet and purchasing data entry system, other systems can generate data that pertains to PCBx3 Manager and could be uploaded

In addition to enhancing PCBx3 Manager by interfacing to external systems and applications, customisation of the application itself is also an option. Again, the possibilities for customisations are limitless. Some examples are:

  • adding fields to a form in order to capture additional data elements
  • providing a new report or XL data export
  • modifying an existing workflow to add additional steps

To find out more about enhancements and customisations, simply contact us.

Support Options

Blake Developments is committed in delivering the best possible support for our users to fully enjoy and benefit from our products and services.

Blake Developments provides support in the following areas:

  • Implementation, installation & setup
  • Training & workshops
  • Post go-live support
  • Enhancements & customisations

Blake Developments offers two support arrangement options:

  1. An itemised quotation is provided for a project or specified set of tasks
  2. A pre-booked block of support hours arrangement

Option one is typical for the initial implementation & training as well as enhancements & customisations.

The second option provides the advantage that users determine when & how the hours are used.

Blocks of support hours:

  • do not expire
  • are a great way to manage post go-live support that typically wanes after the first year
  • guarantees access to technical and functional experts
  • account statement (hours) is provided

To make an enquiry or pre-book support hours, click here.

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