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Capture key contract clauses

The project contract provides diary, variations & periodic progress claims integration.

Capture over 30 contract clauses originally sourced from Australian Building Industry - Major & Simple Works Contracts covering:

  1. Client representatives & signatories
  2. Contract price, margin & initial deposit
  3. Interest on overdue amounts & retention held
  4. Security & retention by contractor or client
  5. Dates including site possession & practical completion
  6. Delay allowances for moratorium, bad weather & others
  7. Monthly progress claims submissions including certificates issuance
  8. Adjustment of time/costs per working day
  9. Public liability & contract works insurance
  10. Defects liability period & liquidated damages
Fixed price or cost-plus projects

Provides entity & project summary overview of claim types and status including key dates.

Tracks key claim dates – submitted, approved, invoiced & paid – and identifies delays based on contract and calculates interest on any overdue amounts.

Easily generate new transactions for:

  1. Initial deposit
  2. Periodic progress claim
  3. Adjustment to time/cost
  4. Interest on overdue amounts
  5. Interest on retention held
  6. Liquidated damages
  7. Other deductions
  8. Retention release

Periodic claims can be trade percentages, single value or external documentation. Adjustment of time can automatically generate a variation.

To view the PCBx3 Manager features, click on:
To view the PCBx3 Manager features, click on:
A place to record key events

Quickly add a diary entry for the entity, logged in user or selected client and/or job and view entries in calendar.

Select a diary entry type and optionally add a task or CRM log activity. Standard diary entry types include:

  1. Standard diary entry, Celebration, Incident, Major event, Meeting minutes, Milestone and OH&S

Job specific entry types that integrate with the project contract include:

  1. Moratorium 1-day, Bad Weather 0.5 days or 1 day and Delay Other 0.5 days or 1 day

Search for and report on diary entries or types and optionally export transactions to XL.

The calendar provides HRM, CRM, Service Jobs and Projects as well as Task Manager & Diary integration.

Imagine being able to...

Tell clients that you can start their project in x number of weeks!

PCBx3 Manager provides two management tools that allow the planning, monitoring and tracking of Labour and Material Resources.

Monitoring your Current Resources Requirements and Forecasted Resources Requirements provides the ability to tell clients when future work can commence.

Forecasted Resource Requirements are based on current client requests that are not yet converted into quotes and quotes that are not yet converted into jobs.

Current Resource Requirements are current Projects and Service Jobs.

The operation staffing level what-if scenario provides additional management capabilities.

For more, visit PCBx3 Manager | Online:
For more, visit PCBx3 Manager | Online:
High-level & drill-down…

The high-level resource requirements summary provides a summary on an entity level that allows drill-down to projects and service jobs summaries (current requirements) and drill-down to requests and quote summaries (future requirements).

The entity summary also allows going up one level to the 13 weeks projection and for multi-entity environments to the consolidated entity summary.

Drill-down options include:

  1. Projects in progress & completed projects
  2. Service jobs in progress & completed service jobs
  3. Requests not yet turned into quotes
  4. Quotes not yet turned into jobs
  5. Items not included – shown in corresponding registers
Including Tracking by Trades...

For projects and service jobs in progress, the summary provides the key performance indicators on a summarised job level and trades/services level.

Simply drill-down into a job and start active monitoring and tracking. Review labour and material transactions included. Update scheduled and actual completion dates.

Overwrite the calculated balance of outstanding work with an estimated balance or investigate transactions that are not included.

If new approved variations were added to jobs, simply re-build the job and they will be included.

For transactions to appear in a job, at least one labour transaction (Activity) is required to detail a quote.

The more details (activities/labour transactions) a quote contains the more accurate the quote and subsequent tracking (resource planning) will be.

For more, visit PCBx3 Manager | Online:
Scheduling made easy

Conveniently and easily source all material & service purchases from the original quote/costing of the job.

Simply select multiple records and place an order immediately or schedule the purchase in the future.

Scheduling options:

  1. Select a supplier only and return later to set other scheduling options
  2. The order must be delivered on – date
  3. # of lead days required by supplier – # of days
  4. Supplier to confirm order on or before – date
  5. Schedule for supplier to visit site on – date

Optionally send an email to the supplier or add a task or calendar event for each scheduling option.

When ready click Order Now to generate the Purchase Order and select from multiple forwarding options.

Real-time status, right there

Overall operational statuses are automatically updated on Main Menu!

The menu provides easy access to key functions:

The centre column shows 35 requests that need assessing, 7 quotes that need completing and 6 projects and 7 service job that are in progress.

The squares open the corresponding register displaying the selected workflow process transactions.

On the left are the main four functions – requests, quotes, projects and service jobs – that provide easy access to the forecasted and current labour resource requirements.

Also shown are the integrated task manager and key registers – HR, Vendor, Sites and Clients with simple drill-down options.

For more, visit PCBx3 Manager | Online:
For more, visit PCBx3 Manager | Online:
It all starts with a request...

A client request is received – typically for a quote – and it follows a simple workflow process:

  1. Request is logged
  2. Request to be allocated to service person
  3. Request to be assessed by service person

Once assessed the request usually moves to the quoting stage or immediate one-off service job.

At each stage automatic workflow change notifications can be sent to client/side contacts, service person and internal staff.

The Request Register shown on the left displays requests that need assessing.

The selected request is shown below the list with quick access to all related items.

For businesses that receive large number of requests the Request Analyser provides a powerful resource management tool.

Powerful and flexible...

Whether it is a complex quantity take-off or a simple one-line quote, PCBx3 Manager delivers.

A quote for a project or service job - fixed-price or cost-plus - follows a predefined workflow process – usually:

  1. Quote is in progress
  2. Quote is completed
  3. Quote is accepted

PCBx3 Manager provides several cost-saving quoting functionalities that include:

Once a quote is accepted, variations can be costed separately and submitted for approval.

For more, visit PCBx3 Manager | Online:
For more, visit PCBx3 Manager | Online:
Monitoring the progress...

Projects are at the heart of PCBx3 Manager and monitoring and evaluating the progress are key objectives.

All project relevant information is at your fingertips via the Project Register, the Project Cockpit and Project Menu.

Project invoicing options allow for:

Provide a completion percent at the time of invoicing and PCBx3 Manager calculates the forecasted project end value.

Allocate material expenses to the project without worrying about general ledger account codes. Manage and pay directly employed human resources or GST labour resources.

Track the movements of stock-items (tools & machinery) used on-side and invoice items with one click. Manage OH&S check lists.

One-off or recurring jobs...

Managing and routing service jobs are a core function of PCBx3 Manager and large numbers of recurring or one-off service jobs are handled with ease.

Service jobs follow a predefined workflow process that provides real-time feedback for managers to identify resource issues early on. PCBx3 Manager routes a service jobs as follows:

  1. Awaiting allocation (to service person)
  2. Allocated
  3. Service person notified of job allocation
  4. Service job started
  5. Completed – ready for invoicing

You can also fast-track a service job and immediately issue an invoice. Other service job management features include:

Service job types include One-off Service, Standard Service, Emergency Service and Warranty Service.

For more, visit PCBx3 Manager | Online:
For more, visit PCBx3 Manager | Online:
Powerful and easy to use...

PCBx3 Manager allows the setting up of multiple entities - company, trust etc - each with their own chart-of-accounts.

Fully integrated general ledger capabilities range from simple payment and receipt transactions to inter-company transactions posted across entities.

Project and service job transactions are posted to the general ledger without user-input regarding account codes and all transactions are updated automatically in their relevant sub-ledgers.

Other general ledger integrations include:

In addition, the finance menu that includes accounting & taxation is also fully integrated with the Task Manager, Library and Calendar.

Managing debtors...

The GL – Debtors Management module is designed to provide a centralised platform for the effective management of accounts receivable.

This is achieved through a combination of visual, communications and tracking functions that include:

Easy reach to all debtor-related transactions is provided & additional proactive and preventative tools include:

  1. Place a debtor on credit-hold
  2. Place a site on credit-hold
  3. Place a project on credit-hold
  4. Authorise & track sales invoice change requests
  5. Closely monitor job costs not invoiced yet
For more, visit PCBx3 Manager | Online:
For more, visit PCBx3 Manager | Online:
Human Resources...

As part of HRM, PCBx3 Manager includes a wizard-like payroll and superannuation processing module that caters for administration staff as well as job-related human resources such as:

  1. Salaries & Wages
  2. GST Contractors
  3. PAYG Contractors

Transactions uploaded from the PCBx3 TimeSave interface require authorisation prior to payroll processing.

Other payroll related functions include off-setting HR-related transactions such as:

Managing and paying the compulsory superannuation contribution to multiple Super Funds is handled with ease via the HR Super - Administration & Processing module.

Client-focused approach...

PCBx3 Manager provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage client relationships. From the initial prospect to a long-term and valued client the system offers easy access to vital client transactions and information.

The CRM module allows the recording and follow-up scheduling of interactions with the client while the Client and Site Registers provide a holistic view of all client related information.

During interactions with a client, sales personnel have access to the integrated Marketing module and can utilise promotional sales scripts and view products and services that are on promotion. Key features of the marketing module are:

PCBx3 Manager offers an integrated solution that extends to the CRM module that interacts closely with the Task Manager and Calendar.

For more, visit PCBx3 Manager | Online:
For more, visit PCBx3 Manager | Online:
Integrated solutions...

PCBx3 Manager provides a fully integrated Task Manager, Calendar and Library to assist in your productivity. These utilities are at your fingertips from most forms and a summary of up-coming events or tasks due are shown in real-time on the main menu.

Key features of the Task Manager include:

The PCB Library is the perfect place to store vast amount of information across many topics. Be it legal clauses for works contracts or bill-of-material like completed components or simply information that needs capturing. The library is integrated with the quoting, inventory and marketing modules.

Fully integrated Business Management Software
PCBx3 Manager
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