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Ordering PCBx3
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How to place an order?
  1. Place an order directly with Blake Developments or
  2. Via an implementation consultant
  3. To place an order with Blake Developments, simply fill in the form on the left and someone will be in touch.
  4. If you require a third-party implementation consultants please let us know and we can put you in touch with someone.
What about installation?
What about implementation?
  1. Blake Developments will generate a licence once payment has been confirmed.
  2. Payments can be transacted via PayPal or Direct Funds Transfer (Australia).
  3. The licence is issued to a licence holder and one or more entities.
  4. A licence can be upgraded at any time to include more entities or users.
  5. Once a new licence exists, the database is generated for the licence holder.
  6. The Trial Version is valid for 90 days only.