Organising your most important Accounts made easy...

Setup Entities & Accounts...

Easily create multiple Entities and then create and allocate Accounts to them. An Account is also associated with an External Entity.

Typical examples of iAM App Entities are:

You can group Accounts using an Account Type qualifier, duplicate Accounts and allocate Accounts to multiple entities.

For Accounts with passwords a button on the main menu lets you quickly access the key details such as user name & ID, password and security questions.

System security features and options...

Protecting important data...

Users with admin rights determine the overall access each user has to operating functions. They can also decide on an account-level who has access to that Account.

For Accounts that have passwords there is an additional security layer. A user may have access to the Account but not to the password.

iAM App can create strong passwords that are stored using proprietary encryption; however iAM App does not automatically fill-in passwords.

After copying the password the user has ten seconds to paste it to the destination after which the Windows Clipboard gets cleared.

A log entry is recorded each time the Account or the password is accessed.

Seamless system and Microsoft Office integration...

Simple and effective...

Automatically create a folder for entities, accounts and external entities. Once created simply click the button on the main menu to open the folder.

Associate an account with an external file or application and launch it with a simple mouse-click.

Other available options are:

  • Generate custom-designed HTML emails for Accounts with an email address
  • Accounts that have a website URL, simply click to open the website
  • Create word documents automatically addressed to the account’s external entity
  • Export account records to Excel
  • Post accounts that have an expiry or renewal date to Outlook as a calendar event or task