What is iAM App?

iAM App is a multi-user Windows-based software application that helps managing and organizing important “accounts”. Important “accounts” can be anything that has reference numbers, expiry or renewal dates, log-in information or similar. The list is endless. iAM App is a web-enabled and Microsoft Office integrated application that can export and import XLS data and create word documents and emails. iAM App is designed to make it effortless opening and logging in at websites and opening or automatically creating folders or launching files.

What can iAM App do?

iAM App uses one main screen to present accounts and allows for one-click access to key items. Launch a website, file or folder; open the account details or security information, ready to copy from; create HTML emails and word documents. iAM App account security capabilities include: Automatically create password up to 25 characters; copy and paste passwords without ever seeing them; passwords are stored using proprietary encryption; make use of up to 5 security questions and answers; restrict access to security information. iAM App provides alerts for accounts that expire or need renewing in the next x number of days. Accounts with expiry or renewal dates can be posted to Microsoft Outlook as an event or task. Files linked to accounts can be included in compressed zip folder backup on demand. Import accounts including external entities. Organizing, finding and locating accounts is made simple with user-predefined types for accounts, entities and external entities.

How does it work?

Create entities – real or otherwise – and add accounts. Accounts are grouped by account type (Login (12), Bank Account (4) etc.) and belong to an external entity, for example Microsoft. Account details can be as little as 4 pieces of information or can include links, security information, detailed user descriptions and values and more. Once created, just use it from right there on the main screen.

Who is iAM App for?

Anyone who regularly deals with many logins, passwords, reference numbers, expiry dates and more will benefit from iAM App. It is a must-have application for efficient management and repetitive day-to-day usage of key critical information. iAM App is a multi-user productivity solution designed for Windows-based desktops/networks and notebooks. It is not cloud-based!

Compare Editions

Number of Users
Create Entities
Add Entity Logos
Create Word Documents
Account Log
Access to Accounts
Access to Accounts - Report
Personal Edition
Maximum 2
Maximum 10

Personal Documents only

Available to all users

Business Edition

Business & Personal Documents
Log entry when Account or Password is accessed
Option to restrict to selected users
Users with access to Accounts per Entity
Fully integrated Business Management Software
PCBx3 Manager
Windows-based solution for small to medium-sized businesses