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~ iAM App - important Accounts Manager ~
Get an iAM App
~ Licence ~
Learn how to get an
iAM App Licence
Install the Trial Version
Follow the Installation Guide and then:
  1. Select Overview on the Main Menu
  2. Click the Licence menu option
  3. Click the button Obtain iAM App Licence
  4. Fill in the form and press the button Continue
  5. An email will be generated with the attached Licence application.
Receive an Invoice
Activate the Licence
  1. Blake Developments will generate a licence once payment has been confirmed.
  2. Overseas payments can be transacted via PayPal and in Australia via Direct Funds Transfer.
  3. The licence is issued to a licence holder and the registered user(s).
  4. A licence can be updated at anytime to include more registered users or change existing registered users.
  5. The Trial Version is valid for 30 days only.
  6. Multi-user network installation:
  7. In a multi-user environment each user must first download and install the sample application.
  8. The database and folder structure can be setup on a network location.
  9. To connect to a new database, on the login screen select New DB connection and then point to a valid iAM App Server Database.